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Shown below Flight M on November 9th 1941 with Robert Clinkaberry "3rd right middle row with specs." Ginger Burgess is first right top row, Bill Woods first left bottom row, and a guy named Seaman is 3rd left middle row. Find more recollections from Robert in the 1939-1945 Eye Witness section. Do you recognise anyone?

Bob Clinkaberry Nov 9th 1941
1942 image_copy

Although "RAF Cardington" was written on the back of this postcard above no other details were recorded. Luckily we have the date when the photograph was taken back in 1941. I am assuming the number 421 was the hut number where this particular group of young men were billetted. Please take a close look at these men - if you recognise anyone please make contact.

Leonard Taylor 1941 final jpeg

The photo above sent in by Geoff Taylor shows his father Leonard Taylor (front row fourth from left) at Cardington in February 1941. In Geoff's own words:

"As well as looking through a number of his letters, photographs and other material that relates to my father’s wartime experience, I also obtained a copy of his Service Record from the RAF. By combining the material with Internet research I have put together a fairly comprehensive record of his RAF experience of which this note is a summary.
My father, Leonard Taylor, was born on 12th April 1921 and lived in Bromley, Kent. After leaving school he became a motor mechanic and he volunteered to join the RAF in December 1940 at the age of 19. He was demobilised in 1946 and died in 1986.
I do not recall Dad talking very much about his wartime experiences but I do know that he worked on the engines of Wellington bombers and spent time in India.
Upon enlisting, Dad’s title was AC2 and he became an AC1 in July 1941. From December 1942 he was a Leading Aircraftman (LAC) and he was promoted to acting Corporal in September 1945 (i.e. after the end of the war). He was designated as “FME” - Flight Mechanic Engines.
The following timeline summarises my father’s principal locations at various times during the war.**

Date Activity/location
30/12/40 Date of enlistment.
29/1/41 Beginning of training at Cardington, Lincolnshire. See photo dated 2nd February 1941.
26/7/41 To 5 STT (School of Technical Training). Locking (Weston-Super-Mare), Somerset.
26/9/41 To Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Yorkshire. 458 Squadron.
Possibly February 42 To Breighton, Yorkshire. 460 Squadron.
20/5/42 To 30 Maintenance Unit, Sealand, Flintshire.
11/12/42 To Wickenby, Lincolnshire. 12 Squadron.12 squadron were at Wickenby from September 1942. They
converted from Wellingtons to Lancasters during the winter of 42/43.
5/8/43 To 5 Personnel Despatch Unit, Blackpool. Prior to despatch to India.
29/10/43 At 29 Personnel Reception Centre, India. According to a website, 29 PRC was in Sind. From further
investigation it seems likely that it is the RAF depot at Drigh Road, Karachi.
12/11/43 At 322 Maintenance Unit, India. From the web, 322 MU was based at Chakeri, Cawnpore. Now called
Kanpur.Dad probably remained at Cawnpore for the remainder of his service.
5/5/46 Possible release date. RAF records refer to “101 POC Class A release”. I am not sure what this means.
16/5/46 To C5B PDC. Is C5B Personnel Despatch Centre where he was released from?
1/8/46 Possible release date. RAF records refer to “Effective release date”. I am not sure what this means.
30/6/59 RAF records refer to “Discharged from Class 'G' reserve" This is long after the war. I presume from this that
Dad could have been recalled to the RAF in the event of another war.

Thank you so much Geoff for sharing this information about your father with us - if anyone recognises any of the young men here please get in touch.

931 BB Squadron July 5 1941

I have no other details about this photograph - can anyone help? Thanks - Jane.

Roland Connor Cardington 1941

3d. Roland Connor individual

Roland Connor

3. From my site is Roland Connor on this 1941

Is Roland Connor in this group photo - can anybody spot him?

Andrew Jones has made contact – can you help him in his research of a WW2 RAF serviceman who used to live at his house? Here is the story so far:

“I live in Crosby, Merseyside and am researching my house. The family Connor lived here during the war with 2 boys who went on to serve their country. I have even had people send me photographs of a young lad who lived here.
Roland Connors war records online state he went to Cardington in 1941. From a pic I have been sent of him and one of your pics in your 1940-41 servicemen section I think I have a match? What do you think? I will send you my pic and one from your site. I await your response to which chap you think he is. I would love to find out what Roland Connor did during his service. It would be great to piece this jigsaw.

3f. War record Connor

All I know of the family is that Roland had a brother Billy who fought in Germany and Belgium in WW2 too. Their father William was living at my house during the 1939 registry. Both brothers survived the war got married but had no children. After Billy and his wife passed away, they willed the house to Roland. The only record of a Roland Connor with a birthdate for c1924 died in 1980 in Trafford Manchester. I think this could be him to be fair.”

Thank you Andy – let’s hope more details come to light about Roland. – Jane May 2020.

Ernest Pearce. Cardington 1941 - 1945

Frederick Carbet Price

17e. Susan Davey

Shown above left an undated photo of Frederick Price. Shown right a group photo (again undated). Frederick is seated far left on the front row marked by the X above his head.

17. Susan Davey group shot

Susan Davey is looking for information about her grandfather shown above left.

“Hello I am looking for some help. I am researching my family tree and I know my grandfather was at Cardington Bedford as I have his R.A.F book. His name was Frederick Carbert Price he was born 25/9/1911 and enlisted on 14/4/1941. His trade says L.A.C. Leading Aircraft Man. From what I have researched I think L.A.C was the second lowest rank but I am not sure. His RAF book mentions Thorney Island.”

It is more than likely that Frederick was at Cardington as a new recruit and would possibly have been at the station for as little as three weeks for initial screening. Susan has some other photographs of her grandfather but does not know where they were taken, one of these is the group photograph shown above. If you spot a familiar face please get in touch.
-Thanks Jane. May 2020.

If you or a relative worked or served at RAF Cardington

please make contact.

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