RAF Cardington Camp

RAF Cardington 1945 -1960

Demob guide to Cardington 102SM

It is recorded that during the Second World War up to 7,000 men and women were working on the Station. There had been a rapid influx of men enlisting at the start of the war and equally so huge numbers of men returned at the end in 1945 and onwards.

A large workforce was required to cater for these men who arrived at No 102 Personnel Dispersal Centre at Cardington to be 'demobbed ' ready to return to civilian life. In most cases the whole process took less than 24 hours which is amazing when one considers that over 200,000 men were catered for .


Signing up at RAF Cardington in 1951

In 1946 No 2 Reception Unit was set up at Cardington. This unit was to process new volunteer recruits coming in to the RAF. Any National Service airmen who volunteered for a Regular Engagement were also sent here.

RAF Cardington 1951 - did you enlist here? What was it like? Have you any stories you can share?