Reception Unit

Number of recruits for General Trades processed
(Of which one thousand were Dutch escapees).

No 1 General Service Training School

Number of NCO's for all Ground Trades
(non commissioned officers)
Balloon Unit

RAF Officers
WAAF Officers
Drivers of Motor Transport
Balloon Winch Drivers
RAF Balloon Trades
WAAF Balloon Trades



Arnold 55

Grp Captain A R Arnold. Station Commander from Nov 1939 - March 1945

18,000 59,800

The article also describes facilities on the Camp for the men and women serving there:

"An insight into the domestic, educational, and operational aspects of an RAF Station was gained by many visitors to Cardington's "At Home" on Saturday. Here one could not help but be impressed by the happy and homely atmosphere that permeated the whole place. "A picture of neatness" was how one observer described the huts which are the sleeping quarters of the airmen and WAAF. Inside these cosy buildings kit was stacked neatly on beds in readiness for the routine inspection. Outside lawns and flower beds surround each hut, giving the camp the appearance of a small garden city. The camp has its own roads, all of which are named after heroes of the air such as Gibson Road (Wing Commander Guy Gibson V C).

There are many places on the Station where the airman can spend his off-duty hours. For those who require peace and relaxation there are reading rooms and a large library and numerous recreation rooms. Entertainment can be obtained at either the cinema or the gymnasium where all the Station dances are held. A spacious Naafi canteen is equipped with billiard and ping-pong tables. The well-furnished WAAF quarters are pleasing to the eye.
When an airman falls ill he is taken to the stations sick quarters where he is tended by a staff of skilled medical orderlies. A theatre where minor operations can be performed is included in the quarters. If anyone has trouble with his teeth there is a well equipped dental centre capable of dealing with several patients at a time.

.....Visitors were also shown round the kitchens where meals for several thousand airmen and WAAFS are prepared daily. The spacious dining rooms are capable of accommodating 1,000 people at a time."

The report then goes on to say that "At one time the population on the station reached 7,000". Thats a lot of people!

If you have any relatives who worked on the camp in these years and can help with this research please get in touch. Thank you

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