RAF Cardington Camp

Balloon Development Establishment

The image below was kindly sent in by Simon Clegg who originally bought it in Barras Market in Glasgow. It is a fabulous historical record as it also lists the names of the individuals shown. Although it is not dated it is known that Wing Commander Bellhouse was in Cardington in 1942 - perhaps someone will come forward with more information about these men and their specifc role in the war.

BRE Establishment

The names of the men shown are listed below - again if you recognise anyone please get in touch.

Back row: LACs H Collins, G Donovan, R Abbott, L Wilkinson, W Elsdon, L Norton, J Hannant, V Coles

3rd back row standing: LAC’s T Areless, W Wilson, G Dow, W Wilson, G Eade, L Harris, R Keats, G Chandler, L White, P Hill.

2nd back row standing: LAC’s O Jones, C Welton, F Bauwens, R Edney, E Allard, J Downes, H Berry, E Haywood, J Tallentire, A Whellams, F Carter.

1st row standing: LAC G Darbyshire Cpls J England, L Cooper, J Swain, R Edwards, E Fearnsides, R Way, A Alexander, J Crowley, H Murray, L Lilly.

Front row seated: Sgt R Pitchfork, F/Sgt A Winfield, P/O G Williams, F /Lt F Dixon, F/Lt L Chappell, W/Cdr M Bellhouse, W/Cdr R Risk, S/L C Green, F/Lt J Evason, F/Lt Whitmore, W/O C Broughton, Sgt E Keen.

Many thanks Simon for this very interesting photograph.