RAF Cardington 1990

RAF Cardington1

Thanks must go to Malcolm Clarke who has kindly allowed this photograph to be shown. The photograph was taken in June 1990 and gives us a terrific overview of the Station on the top half and Shortstown in the bottom half.

Apart from the Sheds and the Shorts Building everything on the camp side of the road has now disappeared in the wake of the new housing development begun in 2010/11. If you can identify some of these buildings please get in touch.

This photo also shows us the former RAF  buildings across the road on the right in Shortstown. These were demolished sometime in the 90's and houses now stand there.
Again can anyone confirm what these buildings were used for - perhaps you or someone you know worked there? Please make contact if you can help in anyway. Thanks.

The camp 1990 Malcolm Clarke 2

  Tim Holland - a visitor to RAF Cardington in the 90's.

Tim Holland training

Show above the trainer that Tim helped to design.

All the trainers had self-tests so you could verify that each switch and dial and lamp was being driven by the computer correctly, so either the software was broke.. unlikely... or it was ‘finger problem’. But that would at least show the hardware, my side, was doing what it should and I could get back home and let the softies sort out the problem.
As for security and the rest of the site, I’m afraid I’ve no memory; it was an early start out from Cheltenham, fix the problem and drive back, grabbing a meal on the way home. These days they have a whole department to deal with maintenance! Most of the time there was no maintenance contract so any visits were ad hoc, and I must say the equipment was pretty reliable. What happened to it I’d love to know; there’s one of my Lynx helicopter trainers at the Middle Wallop museum now!! ”
Many thanks to Tim for giving us this insight. - Jane. Sept 2020.

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